Research & Development

One-half of the more than 500 major projects conducted at SL Ross over the past twenty five years have involved research and technology evaluation. We have investigated virtually every aspect of oil spill countermeasures in the laboratory and in the field. This includes: dispersant testing, in situ burning evaluations, testing of skimmers and booms, development of equipment for shoreline cleanup and disposal, sorbent testing and evaluation, and numerous studies on the behavior of oil spills.

Laboratory work can be conducted in our own 300 square metre facility, which among other pieces of equipment contains a 10-m long wind/wave tank. We frequently use Ohmsett (the National Oil Spill Response Facility), the large CRREL (the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) tank and a custom-built wave tank located on the North Slope of Alaska. SL Ross staff have also conducted several major field studies in the open ocean and in ice involving evaluations of dispersants, skimmers, booms, burning, and oil behaviour.

SL Ross is a company that is recognized internationally as a leader in oil spill R&D. We are committed to advancing the state-of-the-art of the industry.

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